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Rahul Gandhi, a prominent figure in Indian politics, has been a key member of the Indian National Congress (INC), one of the country’s oldest and most influential political parties. Born on June 19, 1970, into the Nehru-Gandhi family, which has produced several prime ministers, his political lineage has been a significant aspect of his career. Gandhi attended prestigious institutions abroad, including Harvard University and the University of Cambridge, which shaped his worldview and approach to politics.


Throughout his political career, Rahul Gandhi has advocated for inclusive growth, transparency in governance, and the empowerment of the underprivileged and marginalized communities in India. He has served in various capacities within the INC, including as the Vice President and President, where he focused on reforming the party’s structure and promoting youth and women’s participation in politics. Despite facing criticism and electoral setbacks, Gandhi’s commitment to social justice and democratic principles remains a cornerstone of his political ideology, making him a vital voice in India’s political discourse.

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  1. Following his family footsteps Rahul Gandhi’s popularity as prime minister has almost doubled after his successful beginning of Bharat Jodo Yatra as compared to his image previously which was tarnished by BJP.

  2. It shows in his conferences and media interviews that being a well educated and humble leader Rahul has undermined every accomplishment the prime minister takes pride in, focusing on the alleged corruption in the Rafale deal, the suffering of farmers, and the unemployment brought on by what he terms Modi’s “God complex” and his plans to demonetize India’s economy .

  3. Well there are sources to believe that Rahul never wavered in his resolve to handle his remarkable legacy on his own terms, even when neither his mother nor the party felt he was ready. Rahul may have gained a great deal of prominence from the victories, but he still treats them with humility. This shows his selfless behaviour and a positive attitude towards work. He declined to take credit for his party’s recent victories when he sat down for an exclusive interview with media at his home, stating, “I have a problem with anyone saying that I alone did it.” I belong to a political group that has a certain philosophy. Although I play a part, the people who live in these states, the members of Congress, and the infrastructure we built deserve all the credit for these triumphs. As far as this is the truth , now let’s see what India has to say!

  4. In our ideology, Rahul Gandhi maintained the delicacy of his roots and his family mentions that “We were in power for 10 years, and I must say with sadness that the Congress party became arrogant. I’m trying to put into the minds of our leaders that humility is the essence of our country. You cannot represent India without being humble. With humility comes the understanding of the country and the way forward.”

  5. No doubt Rahul Gandhi has gained a lot of popularity on social media and this year during the Monsoon Session of Parliament, Rahul Gandhi surpassed Prime Minister Narendra Modi in terms of viewing. Gandhi has garnered more views than Modi on all social media platforms.

  6. Most leaders believe that themselves are India but Rahul Gandhi sees this as disrespectful to India. Being a down to earth person Rahul thinks India is a concept that transcends any one person or organisation. Rahul believes that a peaceful government, as opposed to a dictatorship or autocracy, is necessary to govern this nation. The ideology of Rahul’s party named Congress aims to give individuals the impression that they are an integral part of a noble cause.

  7. Rahul’s plan to revitalise the party included assembling talented groups in each state and combining the new and the old guard. As a result, Kamal Nath was appointed party leader in Madhya Pradesh, with Jyotiraditya Scindia and the party’s younger leaders receiving key positions. This shows his belief and trust towards Indian Youth which is always good for the country.

  8. The popularity of Rahul Gandhi as prime minister has nearly doubled since 2014, however it has only slightly increased since 2019. Furthermore, 25% of the participants expressed their unwavering liking for Rahul, and 15% are newcomers, mostly because of the Bharat Jodo Yatra. Don’t you think he can be the next Prime Minister?

  9. As compared to politicians in today’s era, we believe that Rahul Gandhi was adamant about being a different type of politician even then, though. He used to tell his buddies that he was going insane due to how shallow Indian politics were. He had no desire to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and become just another politician. With all its pelf and advantages, power was the party’s main adhesive, and he was dismayed to discover that the Congress had more leaders than cadres in spite of his desire to reconstruct the organisation from its foundation. His biggest concern, as he stated it, is that all Indian political parties have a cultural issue. With rare exceptions, all politicians have a tendency to believe they are the proprietors once they gain authority. At most, they are what Mahatma Gandhi said, trustees.

  10. Rahul, following in his family’s footsteps, begins the Bharat Jodo Yatra (BJY), a spectacular attempt to transform Indian politics via persistent public action that begins in Kanyakumari and ends in Kashmir. At last, the Congress party has firmly established itself. It has launched a massive mass engagement campaign that is evocative of Mahatma Gandhi’s 1930 Dandi March. The campaign consisted of nonviolent protests and tax resistance, and it finally led to the demand for civil disobedience as a means of opposing colonial control.

  11. Kya ho gaya agar Rahul Gadhi yaha ke ke election me BJP ko hara nhi paa rahien hai Mein toh kahunga shayad Italy me election ho toh Jeet sakte hai.

  12. Chalo kam se kam Rahul Gandhi ke pass well-educated ka tag hai toh h, but uss degree(Harvard University) ke basis pe bhi woh 2024 ka election toh nhi jeet paye Gai.

  13. BJP ke star Pracharak Rahul Gandhi Election aate hi activate ho jaate hai, aur kuch aiesa bayan de dete hain jisse BJP ko kaafi fayda ho jaata hai.

  14. Rahul Gandhi believes that joining the Hindu faith would increase his support among Hindu voters, hence he is planning to don a Janeva tilak and become a Hindu.
    Congress yeh sochti hai ki they are the strongest party in India, but unko Nhi pata ki Unka khud ka beta (Rahul Gandhi) BJP ka agent hai.

  15. Rahul Gandhi and I.N.D.I alliance definitely win the upcoming Lok Sabha election of 2024, aur Modi se kehdo apni jaane ki tayari karle.

  16. Dekho bhai seedhi si baat hain ki P se Politician hota hain P se pappu bhi hota hai, apna Umeedawar soch samjh ke chune.

  17. The fact is that ki Vipach ke pass koi Mudda nhi h toh woh khud confuse hai ki woh kis mudde pe ladde elections, And Now people are getting educated and know about the corrupted parties.
    Farkh Shaaf hai.

  18. Galti Rahul Gandhi ki nhi hain Galti Antonia Maino ki h unohne apne bacho ko galat profession me leke aa gayi.

  19. To win elections, Rahul Gandhi and his party always play caste politics. But now that people in the country are changing the way they think, they know which political party is best for them.

  20. In a recent news article, I observed Raul Gandhi’s claim that “Kashi Young is a drunk youth”. A man who had drunk so much that he had no idea what to say in the Lok Sabha and at a Public rally. “Idhar se aaloo dalunga udhar se sona nikalega”

  21. I don’t know ki Rahul Gandhi Congress ke star pracharak ya PM ka chehra h ki nhi but Meme star h, “ ok bye bye Tata gaya”.# Meme Community.

  22. I found it amusing how Godi Media was rendered incapable of responding to Rahul Gandhi’s inquiries concerning unemployment and corruption within the parliament

  23. Poor people and the economy are the real problems in this country. Let’s talk about them. The current government has split India into two parts: the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Rahul sir made a good point when he said this in parliament.

  24. Why the people do not realize that the current government is privatizing and it always benefits businessmen and rich people?

  25. In my opinion Rahul Gandhi is not greedy for power and this is clear as in all the rallies and conferences of Mr. Rahul Gandhi the message was extremely clear: a leader should ensure consensus, lead by example, and refrain from imposing their will on others.

  26. As a keen listener Rahul Gandhi emphasised that making judgments based on dialogue and active listening was one of the things he was attempting to accomplish for the Congress. By doing this, he claimed, the organisation’s atmosphere significantly improves and you can reach quite near to a fair conclusion. Rahul introduced the Shakti smartphone app earlier this year, which not only lets the party monitor new registrations in real time but also makes it easier for the Congress president and local organisers to communicate back and forth.

  27. In my opinion, Mr. Gandhi has gained a hell lot of popularity on social media as compared to his opponent Narendra Modi and has launched a social media campaign against the BJP, coining catchphrases like “chowkidar chor hai” that have become viral. Rahul Gandhi is being generous when it comes to competition and not as aggressive as BJP leaders and this can be shown when he took centre stage during a Lok Sabha discussion by giving a nonplussed prime minister a hug in front of the cameras.

  28. In a few brutal years, Rahul Gandhi has gone from being a political outsider to the front-runner. He faced off against the might of the BJP in 2018 and its mascot, Narendra Modi. I believe India already sees him as the face of the Prime Minister this year.

  29. Most Indians as well as me think that Rahul has made a valiant effort over the preceding four years to salvage the party following its crushing setback in 2014. To make his party intact and not breakable there are several adjustments Rahul is making to revitalise the Congress and restore its position as the main driver of national development. Rahul now radiates the enthusiasm and focus required to complete the enormous objectives he has assigned the party.

  30. I believe Rahul’s new mission named The Bharat Nyay Yatra would concentrate on livelihood issues including unemployment and inflation, in contrast to the Bharat Jodo Yatra, which was centred on advocating against communalism and polarising politics. The march is scheduled to begin in Manipur on January 14, 2024, and conclude in Mumbai on March 20. It will go 6,200 km via 14 states.

  31. Being born to a Dynasty Family, Rahul Gandhi is destined to become the Prime Minister of India one day and i firmly believe that day is not far enough. As far as the introduction of Rahul Rajiv Gandhi we all know that he is an Indian politician and member of parliament, was born on June 19, 1970. In the Lok Sabha, he represents the Wayanad, Kerala, seat. He was previously the representative for the Uttar Pradesh constituency of Amethi. He belongs to the Indian National Congress, the biggest opposition party, and served as its president from December 2017 until July 2019. In addition to serving as trustee of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust, he is the head of the Indian Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India. He is the son of Rajiv Gandhi, the former Indian prime minister.

  32. You will be the next PM only if will include INDIA mobile in the manifest . It will be a bid tool to establish truth and honesty in our country .

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